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The AWS EC2 SOAP API documentation discusses securing the SOAP message using the WS-Security standard (specifically the X509 token profile).

However, the WSDL linked from the page doesn't have any WS-Security/WS-Policy declarations. What am I missing? Is the requirement to use X509 meant to be conveyed completely out-of-band through this documentation? That seems odd. I noticed that the WSDL was updated 2012-06-01 - is it possible that the WS-Security requirement has been relaxed?

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You'll need to request a certificate for SOAP operations under your Amazon account. It will provide two files (private key and cert, both are PEM files).

Follow this link, login if needed and take a look into the "Access Credentials " section. There's a "X.509 Certificates" tab, where you can download existing certificates or create a new one.

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