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I've got a large .NET site that I'm trying to add some functionality from a third-party vendor.

One hitch in what we're doing is that we do a redirect to the third-party site, the user inputs some information, the third-party site processes it, and does a programmatic postback to us with some information we need to store in the session and access once the third-party site redirects back to us.

So the basic flow is:

  1. user clicks button indicating they want to take advantage of this third-party offer
  2. we redirect to third-party site and include the Session ID as a query parameter on the URL line
  3. third-party site collects information and authorizes the user
  4. third-party site programmatically posts back user info and various other bits of info as data in the body of the Post. Part of the info returned is the Session ID. NO COOKIE DATA is returned, so the Session ID is NOT in the cookie where .NET would normally expect it.
  5. We cache the information in the session and respond to third-party site with a HTTP Success or Fail (2xx or 4xx HTTP Response) and a little bit of data in the body
  6. Third-party site tells user everything is A-OK and user can click a button to go back to our site.

Easy enough.... so I thought. But the trick is step 4. No cookie = the session I'm in is not the session the user is redirected back to in step 6.

We've dealt with similar situations in the past by grabbing the session ID from the returned data and redirecting, but for this vendor, they need a 2xx or 4xx back, not the 3xx that the Redirect would generate. And indeed, going back with a redirect to a programmatic post... that wouldn't work, would it? It's not a browser that will process the redirect, and either way, we don't want the user coming back to our site at this point.

I've done some research to see if there's any other way we can connect to the correct session programmatically, and I'm coming up blank. Hopefully there's something I missed.

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How important is it that the info you get back goes directly to the correct user session? Could you store it in cache until the user returns and then move it from cache to correct session at that point? –  user1429080 Jun 15 '12 at 19:01
Unfortunately there is no easily-available cache - this is a multi-tiered application and the DB is many tiers away and access is tied to the session. File system won't work for many reasons as well. –  BDW Jun 18 '12 at 11:49

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