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I am loading a model called Maintenance_Record with a nested eager load like so:

Maintenance_Record::find('all', array('include' => array('maintenance_plan' => array('user') ) ) );

As you can see, I am eager loading Maintenance_Plan and User. User is nested within Maintenance_Plan. I want to use the User model from the Maintenance_Record model in my view. I have a loop in one of my views like this:

foreach( $records as $record )
    echo $record->maintenance_plan->user->first_name;

However, when I look at the SQL, activerecord is loading each User model per call in the loop resulting in N+1 calls.

When I var_dump the Maintenance_Record model, the Maintenance_Plan and User are being loaded correctly. So the question is how do I access the nested eager loaded model without causing N+1 queries?

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What do the relationships look like in your Model? You could call array('user', 'through' => 'maintanace_plan'). Or you could try call it like $record->maintenance_plan->user[0]->first_name; – Philip Jun 15 '12 at 22:48

Triple level associations in phpactiverecord

It's a bug that hasn't gotten much attention, but I'm fairly certain it's what you're encountering right here.

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