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I'm (still) a beginner with Symfony and have been reading about three-level inheritance with Twig.

If you define blocks in your bundle their names might be bundle specific and not match block names defined in your app base.html.twig or other bundles, or even the names could be the same but the usage could be different.

  • Has anyone found this to be a problem?
  • Are there ways to manage this, will overriding templates under app/ help?
  • Are there any conventions for block names or anything else that will minimise maintenance problems?
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Block names should have some sort of relation to whats going to place within the block. so if you have css styles within a block you would call it Stylesheets, and for javascript files call it JavaScript. As far bundles, create a layout.html.twig within the views folder and extend the base.html.twig.

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Dave, thanks for your reply. This actually gives a good example - you suggest using Stylesheets and Javascript where several examples in the Symfony Book use stylesheets and javascripts. With my limited understanding I imagine I would need to start overriding templates just to cope with this subtle difference in some 3rd party bundle. –  contrebis Jun 18 '12 at 9:50

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