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Im newbie with jquery.

I've a task to put a tooltip on each row of a slickgrid. I know how to ajax it. But, reading the slickgrid documentation there's nothing in options like "hover" or "tooltip".

my call is like that:

var grid = new gridd.Grid("#ite", result,
                [{ id: "var1", field: "var1" },
                    { id: "var2", field: "var2" },
                    { id: "var3", field: "var3", width: 100, resizable: false },
                    { id: "var4",  field: "var4", width: 110, resizable: false}],
                { forceFitColumns: true },
                //I thought of something like
                { onHover: function.. },
                { onClick: function (e, row, cell) {
                    var result = this.getData();

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One option that gets you the information is to subscribe to the grid's events onMouseEnter and onMouseLeave. The you can use whatever tooltip lib you want to have the text follow the mouse.

Use the event to discover which cell you are above. I use a dataview so need to use view.getItem in case any rows have been filtered out. If you are simply showing data without filtering, I believe data[cell.row] will work instead, but you'll need to test.

This will only get you the information to put in the tooltip, you'd need to use something like this to get it in a tooltip following the mouse. For my test, I just updated a label (with id=boringLabel) and the label updated correctly.

var grid = new Slick.Grid(selector, view, cols, opts);


grid.onMouseLeave.subscribe(function(e, args) {

grid.onMouseEnter.subscribe(function(e, args) {
    var cell = args.grid.getCellFromEvent(e);
    var item = view.getItem(cell.row);
    $("#boringLabel").text(item.id + " " + item.description);
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well, first of all thank you @Edward for replying. I tried to subscribe the grid's events as u said, but firebug tells me that grid.onMouseLeave is undefined. And yes, i know how to make a cool div and put my data inside to popup. –  MalGaniS Jun 18 '12 at 12:53
Maybe because there's no onMouseLeave or onMouseEnter in the slickgrid js. Im using SlickGrid v1.4.3 - jquery-ui.slickgrid.js. Thank you agian. –  MalGaniS Jun 18 '12 at 13:01
@MalGaniS I'm on 2.0.1, that's probably why. –  Edward Jun 18 '12 at 18:52
u were right budy, i just update the slickgrid to 2.0 and boom! everything is working. Im calling another view as partialview and showing in the tooltip ! very cool ! thank you ! –  MalGaniS Jun 20 '12 at 22:00
glad it helped you out @MalGaniS! –  Edward Jun 21 '12 at 0:03

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