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I am not sure if this is the way its supposed to be, but when debugging my backbone application I realized that my models have the url to the API in their ID attribute such as:

        _callbacks: Object
        _escapedAttributes: Object
        _pending: Object
        _previousAttributes: Object
        _silent: Object
        attributes: Object
        changed: Object
        cid: "c4"
        collection: Object
        id: "/api/v1/post/4/"
        __proto__: Object

I have a route that needs to access a model in the collection by the ID, i.e. just the numeric ID, in this example id = 4

Doing App.houseCollection.get('/api/v1/post/4/') works, but I want to be able to do App.houseCollection.get(4).

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Presumably your server is returning the id as a URL rather than simply a number. Either fix your server or add a parse method to your model to clean up the id:

parse: function(response) {
    var matches;
    && (matches = response.id.match(/\/(\d+)\/$/)))
        response.id = parseInt(matches[1], 10);
    return response;

You might want to adjust the regex of course.

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