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I want the Keyboard to appear in a certain position within my App.

It's pretty simple to place a KeyboardView in your Activity as you would any other View:


Add to that the ability to plug this KeyboardView into the rest of the device:

    mKeyboardView.setOnKeyboardActionListener(new OnKeyboardActionListener() {

        @Override public void swipeUp() {}

        @Override public void swipeRight() {}

        @Override public void swipeLeft() {}

        @Override public void swipeDown() {}

        @Override public void onText(CharSequence text) {}

        @Override public void onRelease(int primaryCode) {}

        @Override public void onPress(int primaryCode) {}

        public void onKey(int primaryCode, int[] keyCodes) {
            dispatchKeyEvent(new KeyEvent(KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN, primaryCode));

My problem is I don't want to specify my own Keyboard object like so:

mKeyboardView.setKeyboard(new Keyboard(this, R.xml.qwerty));

Instead of using my Keyboard (which will have it's own style / layout / etc) I want to keep the user as comfortable and at home as possible by using the Keyboard which is used everywhere else on the device.

Does anybody know how I gain access to either the Keyboard object or the standard android.R.xml.keyboard resource from which the keyboard is built?

(or, perversely, if anyone know's how to place the standard keyboard in a way other than the one above I'd be happy with that! :))

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