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How can i sync sql server 2008-R2 (remopte server and local) using Microsoft Sync Framework?
there are tons of documentations about that framework, but i could n't find a step-by-step guide for synchronization.
i downloaded Sync Framework 2.1 SDK From here
just a framework and after installation there are some dlls in program files folder.
now what should i do and which Tools should i use?
where can i downlaod those tools?
i saw a tool (PUTTY.exe) in one of servers that i have access. what is this tool and is it in relationship with sync framework?
i have two databases(sql server 2008 - R2) : A in Local And B in a Web server.
both of these databases are the same and i just want to sync their data with a scheduled program.

thanks in advance

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the documentation includes a walkthrough/tutorial, see:

Tutorial: Synchronizing SQL Server and SQL Express

this should work with SQL Server to SQL Sever as well and you should find the same in the documentation that gets installed with the SDK.

here's a sample using WCF: Database Sync:SQL Server and SQL Express N-Tier with WCF

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thanks fo the answer –  MoonLight Jul 2 '12 at 14:16

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