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I have encountered this code... Is this Pl/Sql? What do you think it is?

[Script 1.0]

    script package up is
    import native def_1;

     procedure p(

     i_g text

     l_txt text;

      with mem_m(idx) as msg do
        with book_aud(evt_id) as book do
          evt_nr => i__nr
          ,ref_nr => msg.h.id
          ,account_nr => msg.h.id
          ,status => '1'
        end with;
      end with;

     end p; 

I am surprised by import and end with;

It is not the full code. It is reduced version of it. It also contained familiar elements such as:

   c_max constant number := 95;
    c_VE_BA constant text := 'A07000'; 
    -- comment

     if i_mt is null then
     return rpad('/',16);
     if i_id = zconst_.c_JPY then
     l_fmt := '9999999999999999';
     l_fmt := '9999999999999D99';
     end if;
     end if;

case i_typ_id
 when def_typ.contr then
 l_zuonr := zfx2.c_avqt;
 when def_typ.fx then
 l_zuonr := zfx2.c_avqd;
 when def_typ.fxswap then
 l_zuonr := zfx2.c_avqd;
 when def_typ.forex then
 l_zuonr := zfx2.c_avqd;
 when def_typ.xfer then
 l_zuonr := zfx2.c_avqd;
 when def_typ.intr then
 l_zuonr := zfx2.c_avqt;
 assert(false,'Meta Typ');
 end case;

It looks like an extension of Pl/Sql. Based on the responses and my own research, I guess it is Avaloq+PL/Sql. I contacted Avaloq,I am still waiting for official answer.

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Can you link to the source? –  FerranB Jul 9 '09 at 17:52
This doesn't look like PL/SQL to me. The only things in common with PL/SQL that I see here is the "begin" –  Powerlord Jul 9 '09 at 17:55
I cannot link it. I extracted what I deemed appropriate. –  Aftershock Jul 11 '09 at 10:03
Will you mark the answer as accepted when you hear back? :) –  crb Aug 23 '09 at 14:47
I could but I did not get a reply from the official source. Though I guess there is 90% chance that you are right. –  Aftershock Aug 23 '09 at 21:46

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yes it is avaloq script. its some kind of pl/sql pre compiler, you should be able to find a package called s#up where the real pl/sql code resides.

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It looks like Avaloq Script, used by (ahem) Swiss banks, and while there is very little about it online, I found a grammar which perfectly matches the terms in your samples.

Avaloq Script, the Avaloq Banking System's script language, facilitates entering specific business logic. The structure of the data that can be accessed through Avaloq Script is defined in a DDIC (Data Dictionary), making it unnecessary to know the data storage structure.

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I'm sure that isn't PL/SQL.

I know this doesn't directly answer your question but I might suggest that you go though the list here. It might be listed in here. There are several examples of programs in different programming languages. It may be hard to 100% identify the language unless someone happens to recognize it and finds a "finger print" to prove the language... Do you have more examples you could post?


I don't think that is a functional language. Knowing this might help narrow your search.

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Avaloq Script is not on that list :) –  crb Jul 11 '09 at 13:41
I didn't create the list. Just suggesting a method to identify the language. –  Frank V Jul 11 '09 at 14:43

The only language I can think of offhand that has "with...end with" syntax is visual basic. Could this be some scripting form of VB?

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not likely, unless assignment is := in Visual Basic –  Aftershock Jul 11 '09 at 18:54

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