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I can't find the answer to this in the API docs or elsewhere. I see in the docs says you can get a downloadURL of a file, but it refers to it as a 'short lived URL'. What does that mean?

I need to upload images and get a permanent URL of that image that is the direct URL than can be embedded into emails or web docs etc. Is that possible?


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Yes, you can get a permalink to any file hosted on Google Drive in a public folder. Just note the folderID: Google Drive folder ID and paste it to the following URL: http://googledrive.com/host/<folderID>/<filename> or you can create a short custom alias using G Drives: http://gdriv.es/<alias>/<filename>

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Note: The folder has to be shared as "Public on the web" ("Anyone can find and view"), not just "Anyone can view", or it won't work. –  himself Mar 7 at 23:15


downloadUrl is short lived, but webContentLink is a permanent link. It's odd that one is a URL and the other is a "link", but I guess it probably has to do with the additional query params in the strong. Maybe that makes it not just a URL? :)

That property is only available for files that are publically readable, so you may have to use the SDK/API to set the permissions first.

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I don't know if such API for google drive exists, but I think you should also have a look at dropbox, which will meet all the demands that you mention in your question.

Also there are some very cool applications developed just for dropbox, like pancake.io which lets you share links of text, html files, in an html page format.

that + permanent link is always there.

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You can use gdriveurl.com, it got updated and now allows users to log in with their google drive account and share the list of files instantly, getting for each file "View" & "Download" short permalink.

There's also the old solution (login to Google Drive, set everything to "Public on web", copy share link, convert it into the gdriveurl.com textarea in the homepage), but it's just a waste of time, you should try "MyDrive" api.

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