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I have been trying to find a way to get all TopComponents in my applications to float by default. Meaning with a new build, when application starts up, Screen1TopComponent is assigned to Output position and is floating. Now, here I have 2 situations:

Screen1TopComponent is assigned to position "output" (one of the predefined ones) and when the App starts, it is docked. If I right click and choose float, the window will float, but won't disappear if I click on the main body of the app.

Screen2TopComponent is assigned to positon "smallWindow", which is a custom position I made that is floating by default, BUT when I launch the application, and I have docked Screen1 and floating Screen2, clicking on Screen1, will hide Screen2.


My questions are really this:

  • How to make a TopComponent float by default? If the way is to create a custom position for it, like I did, then...
  • Is there a way to make it float, but still be part of the application main frame, in a sense that it isn't displayed as 2 (like in screenshot).

Thank You!

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It appears I had to add the following line to my xml

<active-tc id="Screen2TopComponent"/>
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