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I have following model of a lesson and I would like to find every lesson that is preceded or followed (less than 15 minutes) by lesson with the same language, room and teacher

class Lesson(models.Model):
      room = models.ForeignKey(Room, null=True, blank = True)
      language = models.ForeignKey(Lnaguage)
      teacher = models.ForeignKey(Teacher, null=True, blank = True)
      start = models.TimeField()
      end = models.TimeField()
      date = models.DateField()

Is this possible using django's model query APIs? If yes, how can I find these lessons?

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Yes you can use Q which allows you to create queries with AND and OR

Consider you have a lesson data at hand,

lesson = Lesson.objects.get(id=......)


from django.db.models. import Q
from datetime import timedelta

filtered_lessons = Lesson.objects.filter( (Q(start__lt=lesson.end+timedelta(minutes=15)) | Q(end__gt=lesson.start-timedelta(minutes=15)))) # define time criteria using OR

filtered_lessons.filter(,, teacher=lesson.teacher, language=lesson.language) #apply the other filters

Of course, you can use sfingle statement as joining the two queries. Also you can use & like

filtered_lessons = Lesson.objects.filter( Q(Q(start__lt=lesson.end+timedelta(minutes=15)) | Q(end__gt=lesson.start-timedelta(minutes=15))) & Q(teaher=lesson.teacher) &Q(....) & Q(....))

Here is the documentation for complex lookup parameters...

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the problem is that i don't want to find neighbors for a specific lesson as you are doing, because i want to get every lesson that satisfies these conditions. Using your method I'll need to cycle through every lesson, i.e. compare every lesson witch each other in a for cycle –  zlosim Jun 17 '12 at 8:39
What you want is not possible, because for checking what you want, you have to make comparison, and you can not compare unless you choose a specific item... –  FallenAngel Jun 18 '12 at 8:06

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