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I want to order my posts by tags with only one WP_Query()

In my WP_Query I would like to display 2 posts with tags 'portrait'

2 posts with tags 'paysage'

2 posts with tags 'portrait'

2 posts with tags 'paysage'

2 posts with tags 'portrait'

2 posts with tags 'paysage'


And I need to order these posts by recents.

What is the query to do that ?


PS : Sorry I cannot use code because I'm with my iPhone.

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Your problem maps to the popular greatest-n-per-group SQL problem, which maps to a not really trivial query (in MySQL at least, which WordPress uses). See for example http://rickosborne.org/blog/2008/01/sql-getting-top-n-rows-for-a-grouped-query/ for such a query. I think it's not possible to feed WP_Query with any parameters which could internally generate a similar complex SQL query.

You will probably have to create a custom MySQL query based on this example:


and by using the WordPress database schema: http://codex.wordpress.org/Database_Description#Database_Diagram

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