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Is there anyway to mix HTML UI and XAML UI in a windows 8 Metro App?

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I believe no, XAML and HTML/CSS are separate paths when it comes to presentation layer and you can't mix them (except for the 'dirty tricks' like WebView control in XAML, but it's no use for component reusability).

The Windows 8 architecture diagram might be useful to see how XAML/HTML/WinRT are they related. Apps in HTML/JS are rendered in Internet Explorer 10 Metro, just in another context (with extended APIs , different security rules etc), while XAML has different mechanisms. WinRT is deep below the presentation layer.

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This is not possible. HTML stands on its own with CSS and Javascript. Why do you need to do this? I believe with HTML5, you would not need XAML.

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well obviously you can do some stuff that aren't part of the HTML/JS standard, but calling the WinRT apis including C# or C++ libraries you can wrapped. the reason i ask is more of code reuse. if i made a XAML based control that had some good functionality and want to use it in aq variety of metro apps, some made in XAML , some with HTML – klumsy Jul 29 '12 at 19:21
Yes, you can write a WinRT DLL and write reusable components to be used from JS. But when it comes to UI, I don't think you can place a XAML UI element in HTML. – Superman Jul 30 '12 at 3:04

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