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<div dojoType="dojo.Dialog" id="alarmCatDialog" bgColor="#FFFFFF" 
     bgOpacity="0.4" toggle="standard">
   <div class='dijitInline'>
       <input type='input' class='dateWidgetInput' 
        dojoAttachPoint='numberOfDateNode' selected="true" />

how to show this dialog I tried dijit.byId('alarmCatDialog').show();

The above code is a template and I called dijit.byId('alarmCatDialog').show() from the .js file .

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possible duplicate of Difference between dojoAttachpoint and id – Eugene Lazutkin Jun 16 '12 at 5:51
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dojoAttachPoint is used in a template and can be accessed in the widget using the value of the attribute.

So if the html that you posted is used in a widget template, then you should use dojoAttachPoint. In the js file for the widget:

dojo.declare("MyWidget", [dijit._Widget, dijit._Templated], {

  alarmCatDialog: null, // the dialog widget will be attached to this field.

  templateString: dojo.cache(...), 

  widgetsInTemplate: true,

  postCreate: function() {

You should not use id within widgets, because ids must be unique across all dom nodes. Using it within a widgets limits the use of your widget to once on a page.

Also since you have widgets in your template, you should use widgetsInTemplate: true

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