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I currently have two different models: User and Project. The User model has three types of users - owners, contractors and clients. I want to assign multiple contractors to one project. I am trying this with a has_many :through association, like so:

Class User
   has_many :assignments
   has_many :projects, :through => :assignments 

Class Project
   has_many :assignments
   has_many :contractors, :through => :assignments

Class Assignment
   belongs_to :user
   belongs_to :project

My issue is in using contractor_id in the assignments table instead of user_id.

In my assignments table I currently have columns contractor_id and project_id. Everything seems to work if I use user_id instead, but that will cause things to be pretty messy later on in my views.

How would I accomplish this?

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You should use the :foreign_key option in Assignment, e.g.:

class Assignment
  belongs_to :user, :foreign_key => :contractor_id
  belongs_to :project
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This definitely works the one way, now I just need to get the user model to recognize the contractor_id instead of user_id when I call @user.projects –  Andy Bas Jun 20 '12 at 1:23
got it. User model needed :foreign_key => :contractor_id on has_many :assignments –  Andy Bas Jun 20 '12 at 1:37
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You should use polymorphic association.

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I now this works with validations, I do not know how they work with associations, but you can try...

class User
   has_many :assignments
   has_many :projects, through: :assignments, if: -> (o){o.type == 'contractor'}

the -> is a short form for lambda; I try to keep the code short.

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