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I've seen many examples of pagination like what's shown below. However, I want to use the same query for many different tables. Is there a way to use this technique without having to specify the column names. Ideally, some way to select * as well as the added row_number column?

   ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY ColumnName1 ASC) AS rownumber, ColumnName1, ColumnName2
   FROM TableName
   ) AS foo
WHERE rownumber BETWEEN 10 AND 20
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You'll need to specify the column(s) that you want to order by in the analytic function. Beyond that, however, you can do

               row_number() over (order by column1 ASC) rnk
          FROM tableName t)
 WHERE rnk BETWEEN 10 and 20
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Thanks so much. That was perfect. Yeah, I'll figure out some way to pick a column to order by, but that shouldn't be a problem. Sorry if this was a relatively simple question, I'm not too familiar with SQL and oracle etc.. – imbric Jun 15 '12 at 19:21

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