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I'd like to be able to automate several >git commants from within a Groovy script. I'd like to execute a process using code like the following...

def cmd = "${GIT_EXEC} submodule update --init ";
def process = cmd.execute(null, new File('.'));
process.consumeProcessOutput(System.out, System.err);
rc = process.exitValue();

Here's the problem...

When you enter that command manually, you get prompted to enter your key passphrase. Using my groovy script, you don't get prompted and the script just hangs. :(

I have seen several other posts related to this area. The consistent response was to use something called ssh-agent. That tool is not on my Windows box, nor on the Windows boxes of the other developers & admins on the project. I don't want to ask them to find a windows-friendly version of that and install it.

Here is where my situation is different from those others: I don't need to prevent the shell from prompting for a passphrase. I'd be delighted if the prompt would happen through my groovy script, the user could type it, and life would continue normally.

Is there a fancy way I can tell the process I invoke from within Groovy to go ahead and interact with the user, and not merely swallow the prompt?

What options do I have here?

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How about using a pure-java Git client library like jgit to interact with git, instead of spawning a process?

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