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I'm using: node 0.6.19 npm 1.1.24 on Win7 pro and iis 7.

I have a folder named 'test' in iisnode/www/. In this folder I want to create a fresh nodejs-express-app.

what I did

  • create a folder in another Directory like D:/development/node/test
  • run in console: npm install express -g
  • run: express -t jade
  • run: npm install -d

with 'localhost:3000' all is fine.

  • Now I replace the port '3000' with 'process.env.port' in app.js
  • Copy all files in iisnode/www/test
  • get the web.config and set the handlers and rewrite rules

      <add name="iisnode" path="app.js" verb="*" modules="iisnode" />
            <rule name="express">
                <match url="test/*" />
                <action type="Rewrite" url="app.js" />

I restartet the iis and get: "Cannot GET /node/test/app"

Where is my mistake? Can someone help me?

I'm not a master with the IIS.

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