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What would be the correct format of the strings in a properties for say, Japanese, unicode or HTML encoded?

For example, which of these is correct to use?


(the above displays as パートナー)


What would the most likely output of someone creating a translation for these strings, that is when they type it on their keyboard?

The second style doesn't generate the correct Japanese characters in the browser, so how do I deal with it, if that is a preferred style?


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The native properties loader uses the "ISO 8859-1" encoding as specified in the javadoc.

The strings having unicode escapes aren't unescaped, so they're not really usable for direct usage.

I suggest you use a specific loader like this one so you can handle unicode (for example UTF-8).

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I am currently using ResourceBundle so I can support property files for different locales. –  udeleng Jun 15 '12 at 20:24

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