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I am creating custom shape class which is simply some selection of other shapes, defined by constructor parameter.

So, I have the following class heading:

public class SetShape implements Shape {

private final Shape shape;

In constructor I set the shape field and then I am to implement all Shape interface methods, delegating them to that field.

Is it possible to automate this somehow? Is there any class already defined for this? Can GeneralPath be such a class?

What is the difference between some Shape instance and GeneralPath instance, initialized with former Shape instance?

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I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do. Do you just want a class to have a Collection<Shape> myShapes in it? Or something else? – Dan W Jun 15 '12 at 19:55

Try the Polygon class or Area class. Especially the latter will allow you to join shapes by intersecting, adding, etc.

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It seems like what you want is simpler than you think:

public class SetShape implements Shape {

    private final Shape shape;

    public SetShape(Shape shape) {
        this.shape = shape;

    public boolean contains(double x, double y) {
        shape.contains(x, y);


And do similar things for all methods in the Shape interface. Remember that whatever is passed to the constructor is guaranteed to contain an implementation of all those methods.

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