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I have a list of files that I want to zip but I also have a list to exclude files and do not want them to be included in the zip archive.

so I have created a exclude.lst file and it has absolute path and filenames in it.

sample exclude file


but after using the below command, the zip command is not excluding the files rather archiving them.

zip /home/logs/ -x@exclude.lst

how can I overcome this ? and is there any other way to archive files by excluding the above files.

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Instead of creating exclude.lst file, I'm assigning all the exclude files to a variable and passing those to the -x option in the zip.

For example

do_not_archive=/home/logs/apache/access.log /home/logs/tomcat/catalina.out

Then use zip as shown below

zip /home/logs/ -x $do_not_archive
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