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I refer to "Chapter 12. Criteria" in this manual.

They nicely explain that:

The javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder interface is the first thing with which you need to become acquainted to begin using criteria queries. Its role is that of a factory for all the individual pieces of the criteria. You obtain a javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder instance by calling the getCriteriaBuilder method of either javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory or javax.persistence.EntityManager.

But, none says where/how I get these EntityManager/EntityManagerFactory objects. Sorry, it's just unclear.

I got the feeling it has to do with my Hibernate session, so here's my session code, let me know if/how to change it in order to get an EntityManager object so I can continue, I must be missing something here.


import org.hibernate.Session;
import org.hibernate.SessionFactory;
import org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration;
import org.hibernate.service.ServiceRegistry;
import org.hibernate.service.ServiceRegistryBuilder;

import x.Debug;

public class HibernateUtil {

    private static final int            DEFAULT_TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT = 3;

    private static final HibernateUtil  m_instance;

    private final SessionFactory        m_session_factory;
    private final ServiceRegistry       m_service_registry;

    private Session                     m_session;

    static {
        m_instance = new HibernateUtil();

    public static HibernateUtil get() {
        return m_instance;

    public HibernateUtil() {
        Configuration configuration = new Configuration();
        this.m_service_registry = new ServiceRegistryBuilder().applySettings(
        this.m_session_factory = configuration


    public void open_session() {
        this.m_session = this.m_session_factory.openSession();

    public void close_session() {

    public Session get_session() {
        if (!this.m_session.isOpen())
        return this.m_session;

    public void save_or_update_objects(final Object[] objects) {
        final Session session = this.get_session();

        try {
            // session.beginTransaction();

            for (final Object object : objects)

        } catch (RuntimeException e) {
            throw e;

    public Object get_object(final Class<?> clazz, final Serializable id) {
        final Session session = this.get_session();

        if (Debug.DEBUG)

        final Object ret = session.get(clazz, id);

        return ret;

What I did find is how to simply, unrelated to Hibernate, build an EntityManagerFactory and here's the code:

final EntityManagerFactory entity_manager = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("persistenceUnitName");

But I'm not sure it's OK, and regarding the "persistenceUnitName" - where did that come from?! Should I just invent a name?

The bottom line is that all I wanted is to search for objects with a certain criteria - Hibernate apparently made it really complicated!

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EntityManager and EntityManagerFactory are interfaces that the provider implements. In the case of Spring, you inject one (See Spring ORM JPA).

In Hibernate, you can use the bootstrapping technique described here. From that reference:

EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("manager1");
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thanks though - can you refer to or paste a simple code example? Do I HAVE TO do all of this just for that? And, as you see in my original post I posted the whole HibernateUtil I'm using - how do I "inject" what I need into that (so for example it has an EntityManager object), while changing as little as possible code, and without Spring? – Poni Jun 15 '12 at 21:52
Saw the update. Well, seen that on the linked page yet it doesn't make sense, still. How is it related to my hibernate session? And what the heck is "manager1" - a string out of the blue? :) – Poni Jun 15 '12 at 22:14
Sorry, my Hibernate experience is quite old, several versions ago. I struggled with these general concepts (API interface vs provider implementation) early-on also. That seems to be one area that's not explained as well as it could be. I believe the name is just an arbitrary name given so the framework can keep track of separate managers (but don't quote me on that :-). – Jim Garrison Jun 15 '12 at 22:17
Hahaha, thanks Jim :) Let's hope a more clear answer comes, at the meanwhile I'm playing with HQL.. Shame they didn't make it as simple as Google App Engine's query for example. Yet again thank you sir! – Poni Jun 15 '12 at 22:38

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