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How could I take something that is formatted such as June 15, 2012 06:37PM in the PST timezone and convert it to 06/15/12 06:37PM but in the EST timezone (thus it will be 06/15/12 09:37PM).

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What have you tried? – sczizzo Jun 16 '12 at 1:45
@sczizzo In all honesty I haven't tried. I assume after 5 minutes of googling and 10 minutes of trial and error I could come up with the solution. I posted this to SO because someone more experienced may know it off the top of their head, or someone with more time may actually have fun problem solving it. Sometimes I use SO when I come to a programming obstacle, I post it to SO and then work on something else for an hour. Come back and I have my solution, as if I had a team of 10,000 programming partners. Sorry if this wasn't the intent of the site, but I know some of you do it too :D – ParoX Jun 16 '12 at 2:26
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If you use PHP >= 5.2.0 you can try this solution:

$date = 'June 15, 2012 06:37PM';
$nDate = DateTime::createFromFormat('F d, Y h:iA' , $date, new DateTimeZone('PST'));
$nDate->setTimezone(new DateTimeZone('EST'));
echo $nDate->format('m/d/y h:iA');
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Without using timezones you could just do:

$new_date = strtotime($date) + strtotime("+3 hours");
$new_date = date('m/d/y h:ia', $new_date);
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