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I've inherited an oddly programmed database, and am having trouble with a complex query. At it is least for me.

In one table I have four fields:

    app_id - question - answer - user
    as4d1a - date_com -  ***   - 421 
    as4d1a - status   -   0    - 421 
    as4d1a - date_com -  ***   - 428 
    as4d1a - status   -   0    - 428 
    as4d1a - date_com -  ***   - 474 
    as4d1a - date_com -  ***   - 511 

From this one table I need to run the query below which will return many unique users:

    SELECT user 
    WHERE  question = 'date_completed'

.. and for each of these users I then need to run something like the query below

    SELECT * 
    WHERE  question = status 
    AND    answer = 0

But in such a way that I can use mysql_num_rows and possibly do something with each value later. But I mainly need a count.

Can anyone help? I've been searching, but don't even know whether I need a JOIN or not since all this stuff's in the same table.

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1 Answer 1

    table a
    table b ON a.user = b.user AND b.question = 'date_completed'
    a.question = 'status'
    AND a.answer = 0
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that did it, thanks - i know i need to study these joins... thanks much –  travisMcgee Jun 16 '12 at 2:44

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