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When I run Jekyll it does not generate anything. The output I see:

Configuration from /home/mbsheikh/techtraits/techtraits-blog/_config.yml
Auto-regenerating enabled: /home/mbsheikh/techtraits/techtraits-blog -> /home/mbsheikh/techtraits/techtraits-blog/_site
[2012-06-15 23:23:03] regeneration: 118 files changed

The _site directory is empty. Is there a way to debug Jekyll? I changed a couple of files and still don't see anything in _site.

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Have you tried moving all of the files out of the directory and progressively adding them in until you see the failure? (You don't need to do it one-by-one; in blocks of (e.g.) 10 files so that you can narrow down which files are causing the problem.) –  huon-dbaupp Jun 16 '12 at 4:43

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Set auto=false in the_config.yml, then run jekyll again, then you will see the ruby error trace info.

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It's a lifesaver (y) –  Dmitry Evseev Mar 22 '13 at 21:05

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