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I am trying to move the logic to the very high-level from the db. Technically, I am looking for extremely lazy-evaluation of things. I feel some non-sql -db is for this purpose because it looks like the computation is expensive in non-sql db and hence tend to be moved to the userspace. So

"by which NonSQL db I can initialize the DB -object in the user-space probably in things such as JavaScript/jQuery?"


Trial 0: MongoDB, not possible according to this here.

Trial 1: CouchDB, open.

jQcouch may work, more here, but cannot find the source code. So how can I initialize the couchDB object to do something simple as db.test.save('hello world') in the Browser console?

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The code jquery.couch.js of Futon is well-documented here. You can see source code after installation of CouchDB for example with Ubuntu just $ sudo apt-get install couchdb:


Related question about CouchDB here.

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