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Im using play 2.0.1 to build my application. Also Im using Ebean for the backend layer and mysql as a database so far. Java as the language.


Isn't there a CRUD module (dynamic) or a crud creation module? I looked on the internet and it is very hard to find something regarding the new play framework 2.x.

According to this thread there is none ... [play-framework] [2.0] CRUD Administration .

But some of the answers are old. Maybe something is in the pipeline?

Thanks in advance.

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There is nothing planned –  Julien Lafont Sep 9 '12 at 12:24

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There is no crud in play 2. Here are your options:

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I've implemented this simple CRUD library for Play2. You can extend generic DAO objects from the library, and pass them to generic CRUD or API (JSON) controllers. You only need to write the template code which is quite easy if you manipulate them from the examples. Also works quite well with Guice injectors.

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I have also tried for Simple CRUD Play Application.

I have created Student CRUD.

You can find it Here

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