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I am looking for bug tracking software that runs locally on mac os x. Ideally it would have an easy to user user interface. Any ideas???

Additional Clarification: I am looking for installable tools. (i.e. something that does not run on a webserver.) I simply want to use it to track bugs and possibly feature requests in my iPhone app.

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are you looking for installable tools or web apps that you want to setup with a DB? –  Pradeep Jul 9 '09 at 19:59
Any other features? There's a wide variety of tools, from an Excel spreadsheet to installing a webserver and putting Bugzilla on it. –  ceejayoz Jul 9 '09 at 20:00

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For what purpose do you plan to use this bug tracker? Is it a personal bug tracker or will it be used by other users as well. In the latter case you could install a webserver an use tools like Mantis, BugZilla, Jira (highly recommended), Trac, etc.

If it's just for managing your personal bugs/tasks you could give Mylyn a try (or its commercial brother TaskTop). Its integrated into Eclipse (a multi-language IDE) and allow you to manage your tasks, while keeping track of time and information (files, windows, etc) relevant to the task-at-hand.

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On a current project, I am using Mantis with a Subversion repository. It's easy to install and use. Everything is hosted off an old Mac (OS X).

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but it's dog slow and weirdly supported. –  amok Oct 3 '10 at 2:50

These guys have a user-friendly app that runs Mac OS X - bontq

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It's not a desktop app : "Bontq is a user-friendly issue tracking and project management cloud-hosted system." –  kraymer Jan 11 '11 at 19:18

Although Jira does run on an application server, the installer will silently install and configure this for you. Think it's Tomcat off the top of my head. Have been using Jira for some time now (for both personal projects and collaborations) and thoroughly recommend it.

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