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I am interested in logging all traffic that comes over port 443 for trouble-shooting some connection handling / blocking that we are working on. What is the best way (even if it is way overkill at first in completeness) to log all https / port 443 traffic?

Oh ... and this would be logging at a gateway/router ... so it will be logging all of the traffic as it comes in from the LAN side. In this instance, not concerned about the WAN side - just want to log all outgoing traffic from the LAN side. I know I won't see the content of it - I just want to see the connections (source IP and dest IP) as they come thru the iptables.

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Please try this.

iptables -I INPUT -i LAN_Interface -s -p tcp --dport 443 -j LOG

You will see logs in /var/log/messages

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