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I am trying to develop the XMPP Gateway which can send/receive from standard XMPP client. This XMPP Gateway should support conversion of XMPP request to Soap and vice-versa. Server which i am trying to integrate support only soap. I don't want to develop XMPP Gateway from scratch. I have seen Axis Vysper but could not found how to tweak this according to my requirement.

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Apache Vysper can be used to do that. Even though Vysper has no built-in support for SOAP (like the standard XMPP extension http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0072.html), you can create your own module to capture XMPP messages and issue SOAP calls, just like in a web app you are creating your own Servlets to intercept HTTP request and issue database calls.

One example of how to create a Module and related stuff you can find under


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