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I am looking for a way to debug a device remotely over the Internet.

I am getting a lot of bug reports from my users which I can't even reproduce. It would be easy to solve them if I could debug the device over the Internet as if it were connected to my PC. Is this possible?

I heard about debugging over wifi in local network, maybe there is similar way to achieve it over the Internet?

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It is possible to setup Android device for debugging over Internet, however it requires USB connection to enable it or root access on the device. In addition to that you will have to setup port forwarding to device to accept incoming ADB connections from the the Internet. It hardly can help unless users of your app are developers with great desire to cooperate.

You can find detailed instructions here:

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Couldn't you do it without port forwarding, by logging in remotely to the user's desktop, and then using adb on that desktop to connect to the Android device by USB cable? – LarsH Sep 3 '15 at 17:26

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