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this is a repost of a question not correctly answered -- sorry about that.

We are looking for a reasonably priced CMS , with source code, in which we can ditch the portal system. There are notorious examples of something similar which are way too expensive: Methode, Broadvision, Microsoft CMS.

There are a lot of systems in which the portal part is too tightly coupled with the backend to do that. Basically Joomla, Drupal, phpNuke, dotNetNuke, Umbraco are all examples of what we don't want.

We want a back office system that can store heterogeneous information with versioning, workflow and so on. This information should be statically publishable (to files, xml, etc...). Also we would like to have a set of APIs for accessing the information in a custom front-end.

We would use this system in a large number of websites. Platform is not important as we develop sites on multiple stacks.

Thank you in advance

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A buddy of mine at work swears by SilverStripe -- basically it's an application framework that happens to have a CMS attached to it. Lots of flexibility but you get some CMS functionality for free.

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Thats a nice find. –  drye Oct 30 '08 at 4:58

Check out EPiServer.

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I love the creativly named django-cms

Its... basic, in the sense that all makes pages and nothing really more :)

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Have a look at Typo3.

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try aplaws+ http://www.aplaws.org.uk/home/index.php
A very flexible system, it perfectly fits your requirement of

We want a back office system that can store heterogeneous information with versioning, workflow and so on.

it has workflow process, document versioning , fine grain user management etc.. and very customizable. The setup/configuring of it is not for the faint at heart though.

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i forgot to say that it is java based.. in case you have preference for technology. –  paan Sep 21 '08 at 10:15

I don't know of a specific CMS that meets your needs but if you want to compare CMS frameworks there is a comparison site CMS Matrix that we have found very useful.

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Have a look at Concrete 5.

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Have you investigated http://www.alfresco.com I am under the process of evaluating it my self. it is first and for most a document repository, with versioning and work flow. It has a module which is a CMS.

Hope this helps.

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sounds like what we've been working on, Seagull CMS - let me know what you think.

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At my new job we're using SiteCore 6. It isn't prefab/portal driven at all. It's not open source but all the classes are exposed as APIs, and it's VERY rich in features and extensibility.

Incidentally, I don't understand how Umbraco is seen as having a tightly bound portal system. I evaluated it and shrugged it off but more because of a lack of fit and polish (and I hate working in pop-up, fixed dimensions browser windows) and although I was impressed that it had abstraction and full support of templates for article types, etc, I never noticed anything even portal-related.

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I think you will find that Alfresco does the job for you. As someone else mentioned, it is a de-coupled, open source java content management system. Being de-coupled allows you to build whatever front end web site you prefer.


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Nuxeo 5 might be what you are looking for. It's an open source platform for building ECM (Enterprise Content Management) applications and you can write your own rich client applications if you want to.

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