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I have a table with an associate_id and date fields. I want to get how many the associates have for each date. For example if this was my Table:

date    associate_id
2009-07-08  10
2009-07-08  113
2009-07-09  113
2009-07-09  113

I want results like this:

date    associate_id    per_date
2009-07-08  10              1
2009-07-08  113             1
2009-07-09  113             2

I tried this but it wasn't right:

    		associate_id, date, COUNT(date) as per_date
    		GROUP BY
    		ORDER BY

Also I am sure it needs to be a separate call but I also need a list of the DISTINCT associate_id's that were pulled.


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Try this:

Select date, associate_id, count(*) as per_date
From tracking
Group By assoicate_id, date
Order by date
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