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Do most browsers automatically search for the favicon.ico?

Will a favicon.ico that is placed in the main directory appear in all sub-directories?

www.site.com         (favicon should show)
www.site.com/gallery (will favicon show here?)

Or does a <link rel="icon"> need to exist?

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Many browsers will check for a favicon in the site root even if an explicit link is not present (eg. Firefox, Chrome and Opera all do, I'm fairly sure that IE will too but I'm not on a Windows machine at present). You can test this by starting up a local webserver, requesting a page and looking at the resulting logs.

If you want to override the favicon in a sub-directory, or have a favicon at a location other than /favicon.ico then you need to use the link tag.

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Works in IE. Actually, that was the first browser to do so. –  Pumbaa80 Jun 16 '12 at 12:25

There is should be only one favicon for one specific site. And it is should be placed in ONE place, where you want. But in every html use open the favicon tag must exists

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Yes, if you put the favicon at the root it will show up in subdirectories as long as you put it in your Head tag.

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I no longer include a link to the favicon in my HTML documents. As long as the icon is named favicon.ico then browsers will automatically find it. –  Jonathan Nicol Jun 16 '12 at 12:06

Just place the favicon.ico in the root directory and it will be placed in all the pages and directory no need to add it in all the pages

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