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I am using memcached for a rails app at the moment. I need the delete_matched() feature, so I use an extra list with all the stored keys in it which I can match and delete one by one (someone wrote that already).

Problem is that it's not really working: some keys get not deleted from time to time - it really have no clue why, the code looks valid for me (and regexps are correct).

Is there an fork of memcached with this feature? I can't imagine why it's not implemented by default.

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you can't list all keys. The memcached stance is against big slow commands like this. –  Frederick Cheung Jun 16 '12 at 11:49
You missunderstood, I don't want to list all the keys, I want to be able to delete keys by regular expressions (or similar). And I know that the default implamentation cannot do that. –  snøreven Jun 16 '12 at 12:03

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I ended up using Redis with the redis-rails gem for this task.

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You should not do that and it's not implemented since it's slow. You should consider tagging the namespace. Here's the explanation.

If you still want to use regexes, refer to this blogpost:


You could also use dali-store-extensions to achieve something like

 # in sweeper
 expire_fragment /.*sweep_me_up.*/
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