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Er… what's wrong with this:


- (NSData *)dataOfType:(NSString *)typeName error:(NSError **)outError
    NSMutableData *data = [NSMutableData data];
    NSKeyedArchiver *archiver = [[NSKeyedArchiver alloc] initForWritingWithMutableData:data];
    [archiver encodeObject:[cardArrayController arrangedObjects] forKey:@"ATXTCards"];
    [archiver finishEncoding];
    return data;


- (BOOL)readFromData:(NSData *)data ofType:(NSString *)typeName error:(NSError **)outError
    NSKeyedUnarchiver *unarchiver = [[NSKeyedUnarchiver alloc] initForReadingWithData:data];
    [cardArrayController addObjects: [unarchiver decodeObjectForKey:@"ATXTCards"]];
    [unarchiver finishDecoding];
    [cardArrayController setSelectionIndex:0];
    return YES;

… because of course my array remains empty (no error logged)

By the way, in this code there is only one key but others will be added later.

Thank you!

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Please add tag objective-c. –  r4. Jun 16 '12 at 11:48
Try logging data.length just before your return statement in the write method to make sure it's not null there, and also log cardArrayController in both methods to make sure it's not nil. –  rdelmar Jun 16 '12 at 15:50

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