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I have installed Hadoop in my system, Jobtracker : localhost:50030/jobtracker.jsp is working fine but localhost:50075/ host is not resolved. Can anybody help my what is the problem in my Ubuntu system. Below check my code-site.xml configuration :

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What do you expect to start on port 50075? –  Thomas Jungblut Jun 16 '12 at 12:26

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Check your port configurations. Here is a list of hadoop daemon configurable parameters

dfs.http.address: The address and the base port where the dfs namenode web ui will listen on. If the port is 0 then the server will start on a free port.

The default for the name node is usually set to port 50070, so try localhost:50070.


I think you mean core-site.xml (not code-site.xml). The fs.default.name configuration here does not determine the location of the hadoop web ui/dashboard. This is the port used by data nodes to communicate with the name node.

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never seen 50075 before, but 50070 is the local NameNode, I suggest you format the NameNode to have a try:

rm -r /tmp/hadoop-*;
bin/hadoop namenode -format;
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After cleaning up the /tmp/hadoop* directory my name node is working fine. –  Yuvaraj Loganathan Jun 15 at 12:09

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