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I am developing a VB6 application where all i need to do is to sync some files from a server location to the local workstation on a command click. There are two types of operations i am performing, in one m doing a complete sync, in the other i am doing a partial sync. Now when the sync is in progress i am displaying a screen which has a stop button on it. This stop is meant to stop the copying of media if the user wants to do so.

Now, this stop button is only visible when i am performing full sync. There is no option to stop the sync when partial sync is being performed.

The functions performing full sync and partial sync are written in a different class.


I have implemented all other functions but i having a problem in making this stop button dynamic..i.e. it is visible when full sync is bein called and invisible when partial sync is called.

Hope somebody helps

Thanks in advance

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It's simply a matter of setting the .Visible property when you're doing a full sync. Which part are you stuck on? –  Deanna Jun 18 '12 at 15:10

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Set the Visible property to False to hide the button.

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If I am understanding correctly, since the stop button is on a separate form it is not the case that there are other buttons on top of it- I had similar case myself.

What I can suggest is to check is whether both of the sync buttons are enabling the stop's button visibility when pressed.

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