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The machine I use is 64-bit I wrote assembly code like this:

movl $0x12e48ead 0x0804b324
pushl $0x08049103

Using AT&T format. When I compile with it using command line:

gcc -m32 -c firecracker.S

It turns out errors as follows:

firecracker.S: Assembler messages:
firecracker.S:1: Error: junk `0x0804b324' after expression
firecracker.S:1: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `mov'

I wonder why this happens. Could anybody help me out? Thx.

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You're missing a comma:

movl $0x12e48ead, 0x0804b324
pushl $0x08049103

Builds fine.

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This looks like a syntax error - the syntax for mov is:

movl $sourceaddr, $destaddr

note the comma and the dollar signs! Of course, sourceaddr and destaddr can also be registers.

The machine being 64-bit shouldn't make a difference, as you've specified -m32, which will assemble the code for running on 32-bit platforms.

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