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If I have a view controller that has an NSOperationQueue as an instance variable, then what happens to any operations that are executing in the queue if the view controller gets unloaded?

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Stupid mistake in my original answer. I've read this exact documentation wrong before. The real answer is that it isn't defined what happens or at least it's not documented.

As I mention in this answer there are a few things that suggest that the operation queue will be retained (like the fact that GCD-queues are retained while executing blocks).

This question about autoreleasing an NSOperationQueue also says the same thing:

There's nothing in the documentation to say what happens when the NSOperationQueue is released.

You could of course interpret "the specified operation remains in the queue until it finishes executing" as the queue won't go away until the enqueued operation has finished executing but I still wouldn't count on it.

You can however cancel the operations if you want to be sure that they doesn't execute by tell the operation queue to cancelAllOperations when your view controller gets unloaded if you want to prevent this. Note that the operations doesn't stop by them selves. They need to check if ([self isCancelled]) { ... } and stop there.

Original answer:

All operations will finish executing since they retain their queue. From the documentation of addOperation:


Once added, the specified operation remains in the queue until it finishes executing.

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