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I use ubuntu 12, Hadoop 1.0.3, i use webhdfs curl to create file.

curl -i -X PUT "http://localhost:50070/webhdfs/v1/test.txt?op=CREATE

or use the

curl -i -X PUT -T /home/hadoop/TestFile/test.txt "http://localhost:50070/webhdfs/v1/test?op=CREATE"

The two commend result is


What set lack of the hdfs-site.xml? Or other permission not set?


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According to the docs for Web HDFS, this is expected:

When you make the first put, you'll be given a temporary redirect URL of the datanode to which you can then issue another PUT command to actually upload the file into HDFS.

The document also explains the reasoning behind this 2-step create method:

Note that the reason of having two-step create/append is for preventing clients to send out data before the redirect. This issue is addressed by the "Expect: 100-continue" header in HTTP/1.1; see RFC 2616, Section 8.2.3. Unfortunately, there are software library bugs (e.g. Jetty 6 HTTP server and Java 6 HTTP client), which do not correctly implement "Expect: 100-continue". The two-step create/append is a temporary workaround for the software library bugs.

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Can I ask how to set the temporary redirect URL, thank you! –  LLL Jun 18 '12 at 16:26
you can't set it, the response from the name node in the first request is the redirect URL you need to perform the second PUT against (the data node on which the data will be stored) –  Chris White Jun 18 '12 at 16:44
Oh! I got it, thanks a lot! –  LLL Jun 18 '12 at 17:25

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