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I want the following url:

to go to

This is my rewrite rule:

RewriteRule ^search/(string)$ /dir/search.php?param=$1 [NC,L]

What's driving me crazy is that it sort of works. All the links within the result page have 'dir' within the a elements. For example, I hover the mouse over a link that shows

in the status bar. The correct URL is

The .htaccess file is at the root. Why does 'search' insert itself into the rewrite? What is it that I don't understand?

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Your RewriteRule is telling apache that if requests come in to search/(string) they should be handled by /dir/search.php, but it does not do anything to change the URL as being displayed.

What you're talking about would be accomplished by something like this:

RewriteRule .* /dir/search.php?param=$1 [NC,L]

Keep in mind this wold redirect everything to search.php, so you'd want to either modify the regex or use some RewriteCond rules to limit the scope.

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