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I'm using quicklfip (http://jonraasch.com/blog/quickflip-2-jquery-plugin) for Chinese character flashcards. The front panel will have the character and the back panel will have the definition. The problem I am having is that I want to show example sentences but only when the back panel is visible. There doesn't seem to be any callback function. Any JQuery experts have any ideas on how I could do this?

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Per the page, there is an updated plugin with callbacks. You could use the onBefore and/or just do it via content:


    onBefore: function(){
            console.log('before starting the animation');
    onAnimation: function(){
            console.log('in the middle of the animation');
    onEnd: function(){
            console.log('when the animation has already ended');
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After a lot of headscratching I finally came up with the answer.. and it was simpler than I thought. All I needed to do was create 2 functions like so:

function showExamples() {
        function hideExamples() {

and then place an <a> tag on each side of the card that would not only flip the card, but also call the above functions! Like this:

<a class="quickFlipCta" href="#" onclick="javascript:showExamples()">Click to flip</a>


<a class="quickFlipCta" href="#" onclick="javascript:hideExamples()">Click to flip</a>

Job done!

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