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I am trying to create a line chart using Jqplot.

I am producing a string in PHP like this -

$retstring = "[['Q2 2011', 3.7813],['Q1 2011', 3.7813],['Q3 2011', 3.9000]],  [['Q2 2011', 3.6563],['Q1 2011', 3.6563],['Q3 2011', 3.5765]]";

As you can see from the string structure, I want to plot two lines.

The $retstring is being passed to JavaScript function using simple AJAX. When I get this string in JavaScript function, how do I convert that into array to be passed to JqPlot ?

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It looks like this is just a json_encoded array structure. Using json_decode($retstring) you would get an array like array(array('Q2 2011', 3.7813), array(..), ...) which is probably what you want. –  dbrumann Jun 16 '12 at 16:33

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I think your problem is related to the question I have already answered.

Therefore, please check my answer there.

Particularly the code sample, which you will fined towards the bottom of my answer, where you could see how the date you provide could be used.

EDIT: When it goes to the main part of the problem, the decoding bit, do just as @mahok says use the json_decode. I wonder if you actually will not experience problems since, technically the String you have is not a proper JSON. In JSON Strings are wrapped in double quotes ("") not in single once (''). Therefore, you might need to replace them appropriately but other than that the method would do the trick.

I was suspecting that the json_decode could have problem with this encoding and as they say it here, the method will return null in this case, please see example 3.

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