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I am using SBT for building a java project and have a requirement of copying text files (that are not resources, but used by java classes to read instead). I am inexperienced with either SBT or Scala (needed for build.scala file) Any help would be really appreciated.

For example, if my directory structure is:

    |- files
            |- one.text
    |- main
            |- java
                   |- Test.java

I want the one.text file available as well in the target folder once I execute an sbt goal like

sbt test
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did nau's answer solve your problem? –  Erik Allik Nov 18 '13 at 19:32

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Following lines in your build.sbt should do the trick:

unmanagedResourceDirectories in Test <+= (baseDirectory) {_ / "files"}

unmanagedSourceDirectories in Test <+= (baseDirectory) {_ / "main" / "java"}

You have a non standard project layout though. If you can change it to a standard "maven style":

project/src/test/java/{Test.java, ...}
project/src/test/resources/{one.text, ...}

sbt will do resource copying automatically.

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