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Hi I have some links inside the archives page and I want to filter the content how can I create a link to give me posts from both categories category A and category B only. my working example is this,38,-37,-29,-36,-4,-11,-6,-27,-30 but it's not seo friendly I want something like this

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Best way to do that is to create and use a custom page template:

Next in the custom page template, create a loop you want using query_posts():

Both links are a great place to start.

Back to your question: I think will work, have you try it?

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thanks for your help I am trying to avoid custom pages cause I would end with 32 pages custom pages. I have tried ?cat=39&cat=38 but it gives me all the cat=39 alone + cat=38 alone + the result I want only posts from both categories. – user1460854 Jun 17 '12 at 13:58
No you don't have to. You can use conditional tags on the custom page, so you will only create one. – AriePutranto Jun 17 '12 at 22:03
I made a custom page this is the only think working as it should be <?php query_posts(array('category__and' => array(4,36),'orderby'=>title,'order'=>ASC)); ?> I can't think conditional tags I have the archive page that displays everything and there I have some links from the categories I want to filter I point all the links to the custom page can you give me an example – user1460854 Jun 19 '12 at 7:11

you can simply do,38 with only a coma, it works for me

It's maybe a bit late for you, but it can help others

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