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I am having a issue with WIX. During installation of MSI I want to verify .NET framework 4.0 is installed or not, if not then I have to install from dotnet msi.

As I can not call a MSI from another MSI so I wrote a VB script that perform .NET framework verification and installation.

Now the problem is, I want to run that VB script after installation from installed directory. I tried all possible ways but not able to get it.

Here is the piece of WIX code.

    <CustomAction Id="StartAppOnExit" FileKey="DotNetFrameworkCheck.vbs"
   Execute="deferred" Return="asyncWait" />

      <Custom Action="StartAppOnExit" After="InstallFinalize"></Custom>

Where FileKey is

 <File Id="DotNetFrameworkCheck.vbs" Source="Build_\message.vbs" />

May I know the wrong thing in code??

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Beware VBScript custom actions: –  Yan Sklyarenko Jun 18 '12 at 6:33

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The recommended way to install .NET or other prerequisites is from a bootstrapper exe. This bootstrapper will first invoke the .NET installer, and then your own MSI.

Wix 3.6 includes features to generate such a bootstrapper. See How To: Install the .NET Framework Using Burn.

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Oh! that I know, and I did also but here, the requirement is to run the installed script. That script will do some other prerequisites checks also... –  PawanS Jun 17 '12 at 13:07

Moreover all custom actions must be executed between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize. You need to change your InstallExecuteSequence.

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