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How can I convert a cvMat matrix to IplImage that can be saved using cvSaveImage, in C using OpenCV?

I learnt about a function cvGetImage(const CvArr* arr, IplImage* imageHeader). I understand that arr stands for the cvMat Array, but could not really understand what 'image header' actually is. Is that the pointer that stores the image ?? That is, would the following work?

clusters = cvCreateMat( image2_size, 1, CV_32SC1 );
IplImage *kmeans;
cvGetImage(clusters, &kmeans);
cvSaveImage("kmeans.jpg", kmeans);
//clusters is the output matrix after performing k-means clustering
// on a certain image.
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cvSaveImage can save CvMat without a conversion. – Andrey Kamaev Jun 16 '12 at 17:06

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