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I am working on a django app and need to add a tags field to one of my models. In the admin interface i need it to work like the wordpress tagging.. (comma separated entry, auto create new tags and autcomplete)

There are two tagging libraries I found, django-tagging and django-taggit, both also have an autcomplete extension.

The problem is that both of them are very old (last update was 2 years ago), unmaintained and needs some work to bring them up to speed.

Is there any good, recent tagging module i didn't find?

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I use django-tagging and still works like a Charm, what are the issues you found with it? –  armonge Jun 16 '12 at 16:57

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Both are good. I have used Django-tagging in over 30 projects, and am yet to find an issue. Is there a specific challenge

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